Plan with Pope

We are a team that believes in the graces of southern style.
We feel that kindness goes a long way, diversity in creativity is so important, graciousness is more than just manners and creating a personal connection is the best route.
We enjoy laughing at life’s unexpected moments and focusing on the details so they never go unnoticed. We took those feelings that were most important to us and summed it up in two words:
Southern Style
And that’s exactly what we strive to give each of our client’s every single day.

We give you all the resources you need to be a successful host. Just call us your Partner in Planner! Whether that is figuring out your next steps, an extra set of eyes for décor, or helping time your event to be flawless, we can be there every step of the way.

That’s what Planning with Pope is all about.

So what now....

First, let's meet! Bring all your ideas and any questions you have and let's figure out how we can help! 

Schedule your FREE 1-hr consultation today.

Now determine where you need help:


Let's Plan It!

Southern Style Events

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